Impact startup ecosystem directory for Australian founders

An open database of Australian organisations supporting impact startups with capital, mentorships, co-working space and more
April 14, 2021
Giant Leap

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The why behind the directory

We recently released Giant Leap’s first Impact Startups Benchmark Report. As part of this research effort, we scoured the Australian landscape to find active organisations that are providing support to impact startups in the form of capital, mentorships, or co-working space.

We’re now open-sourcing this list to provide a useful resource for impact founders and keep a finger on the pulse of the impact ecosystem for future benchmarking reports.

Adding your (or someone else’s) organisation

If you would like to submit an organisation to be a part of this database so impact founders can find it, please check that the organisations meets the definition below and submit via this form.

Definition of an organisation providing support to impact startups

Before submitting an organisation, check that it:

1) Has an explicit mandate to serve startups creating social or environmental impact, and;
2) Provides capital, mentorships, or co-working space to these impact startups.

Examples of organisations supporting impact startups

Below are some examples of organisations supporting impact startups across the different categories (impact focus areas in brackets).

🏎️ Accelerators / Incubators

💸 Venture capital / Family offices

👼 Angel Networks

🏛️ Co-working spaces

What about organisations supporting founder diversity?

We realise there are many organisations doing good in the startup ecosystem that fall out of the narrow definition of impact startup ecosystem used for this report, such as organisations that support diverse founding teams. In recognition of their contribution, we have made another database of these organisations here, noting the list may not be complete.

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