Jobs at our portfolio companies

Practical, skill-specific courses to help create a future-ready workforce
Energy retailer passing through wholesale prices, incentivising use when cheap renewables are generating
Recruitment platform using behavioural science to remove unconscious bias and improve hiring decisions
Alternative proteins company producing nutritionally and functionally equivalent cheese products made from precision fermentation
waterless beauty innovation to help your skin and save water, carbon, and waste in the process
Telehealth platform enabling doctors to effectively, remotely and securely consult with patients
AI-enabled virtual coach to build resilience and mental health via daily habits
Creates engineered fibres from discarded clothing that can be used to create new garments
Australia's first ethical, diversified superannuation portfolio that completely excludes fossil fuels [Exited]
Australia's leading online designer clothing hire destination creating Australia's ultimate endless wardrobe
An organic waste management solution that uses insects to turn food waste into livestock feed
Compostable cling wrap brand producing revolutionary stretch wrap material made from potato waste.
Alternative education pathways for high school leavers that prepares them for in-demand innovation and startup careers
Connecting people living with disability and the elderly with social carers for community connection
Mobile hypnotherapy programs that help people manage and improve their health, without drugs or diets
Mental health and productivity app to declutter your mind and find focus in the flow of everyday life
A psychology-based online pain management program for fibromyalgia and chronic pain
A music-based platform that improves quality of life for people living with dementia
A platform that uses gamification and behavioural psychology to improve treatment adherence
Australia's largest epilepsy diagnostics service providing home-based video-EEG-ECG monitoring
A carbon-neutral, low-cost, door-to-door parcel delivery platform
A smart building platform that enables building managers to reduce electricity and water consumption
Drone OEM and network operator that serves the healthcare, disaster-relief, and general logistics needs of remote populations.
A carbon footprint assessment, management and reduction tool for SMEs and enterprises
Sustainable toilet paper company that builds toilets for developing countries
Jobs platform helping women find employers who support diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace
Online grocery delivery supporting independent, local businesses and their communities [Exited]